Medical Missions Materials Available for Purchase

Refraction Kit - $95.00
This kit is used to determine the glasses prescription needed to meet the patients chief visual complaint.

Eye Doc Training Module - $170.00

Designed to approximate but not replace attendance at a live seminar; to be used by those who want to conduct an eye clinic in a third world country but cannot attend a live seminar, includes:
1) refraction kit
2) DVD of professionally edited live seminar
3) DVD emphasizing important concepts and contains footage of me examineing patients in India
4) seminar manual includeing color photos
5) Mini exam kit containing penlight, cobalt blue filter, sodium fluorscein strips, long handled Q-tips
6) refraction technique document
7) refraction mechanics document
8) coupon for $50.00 off live seminar

Materials Kit - $205.00

1) 100 pairs of durable prescription glasses that have been sorted, cleaned, and put into quart freezer bags marked with the correct prescription ready to dispense to a patient in a third world country - 75% plus power and 25% minus power
2) 100 4 mil 4 inch by 8 inch plastic bags to be used as optical case to protect glasses when not worn and make last longer
3) 5 pair of non prescription sun glasses

DVD of live seminar - $20.00

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