Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Exactly what is Eye Doc in a Box?

Eye Doc in a Box is an eight hour one-day medical missions seminar training laymen to conduct eye clinics in third world countries.

QUESTION: I have a hard time believing that you can teach me, a layman with no medical experience, how to conduct an eye clinic in only eight hours.

I understand your concern. The reason that I can do it is based on 2 facts:

1. I conduct a very limited scope of eye care on a mission trip. All I can do on a trip is prescribe glasses and treat acute infections. These two skills are what I teach you in the seminar. I do not check eye pressure, look inside the eye, and all the other things that are considered part of a comprehensive eye examination here in the USA.

2. In my opinion it is nearly impossible for you to harm a patient in an eye clinic.

QUESTION: I am still concerned. This seems to fit into the category of “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. “

Again I understand your concern. Please go to the testimony section of the site and read the testimonies. They are from pastors, office managers, financial planners, etc. I have trained over 500 laymen who have subsequently treated at least 70,000 patients. There has been 100% positive feedback. Several students have told me that seeing the joy on a patient’s face after getting glasses that allowed him to see clearly after many years of poor vision was the greatest experience of their life. I have been on 45 trips and treated about 45,000 patients myself using this method.

QUESTION: How do I get all the “stuff” that I would need to conduct an eye clinic?

I discuss various sources for what you will need in the seminar. Also, I provide everything my students need to conduct a clinic.

QUESTION: Why haven’t I heard of this before if it is so good?

It has been very difficult to get the word out about the seminar. I am pretty sure that my letters to pastors do not make it past the church secretary’s trash can. Please ask Christians that you know who are interested in mission trips to look at my web site.