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Our Medical Missions History

I did my first eye clinic on a medical mission trip to India in 1999. I quickly realized that I had no idea how to do an eye clinic. My 27 years experience as an optometrist did not prepare me for the conditions I faced while in India. I was forced to learn to do an eye clinic with none of the instruments that I had depended on in my private practice.

Dr. Curtis performing on eye exam

I immediately started working on a system that would work in a village with no electricity in any third world country. On my next 9 medical mission trips I did a lot of experimenting to see what would work and what would not work. After 10 eye clinics, I had a system that worked reasonably well. The next 33 trips allowed me to refine the system to the point that I now am comfortable teaching it to others. Specifically, I train layman to lead medical missions trips and conduct eye clinics.

Medical Missions Seminar

Dr. Curtis drawing a diagram on a dry erase board.

After my seminar you will be as proficient on your first eye clinic as I was on my fifth clinic. You will need to continue to practice with the refraction system to gain proficiency and also review the material in your manual. It will be important to always take your manual on your trip.

I have now done about 40 seminars in 20 states. I have refined the seminar based on feedback from the students. Since 2007 my “students” have been on over 14 medical mission trips, to over 10 different countries and examined over 68,400 patients and that number continues to grow.

Dr. Curtis in classroom training missionaries.

If you are interested in foreign missions, doing an eye clinic is an extremely effective way to demonstrate the love of God in a very tangible way. In a medical clinic, the medication will hopefully help the patient in a few days. In an eye clinic most patients will get almost instant gratification - one minute his vision is blurred and the next minute he can see much better with the glasses. You will be able to help about 19 patients out of 20 with glasses or eye medications. The patient will be more responsive to the gospel after you meet his physical need for better vision. The patient will be reminded of the counseling every day when he puts on the glasses for several years. You will do more good medically and spiritually in one clinic than I did in my clinic in North Carolina in months.

The cost of my seminar is $75.00 per person. You will get about 8 hours of intense training and a manual that will allow you to review the material as many times as you need to. I like to have at least 6 people in a seminar with no maximum. To be able to complete the eye clinic, you will need to purchase a refractor kit as well, those are $95.00.

My vision is to train enough students, for us as a group, to treat 100,000 patients per year. Please pray about joining me in this vision.

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